Accessorize - 5 reasons why you should!

Accessorize - 5 reasons why you should!

Accessorize - 5 reasons why you should!

Multi-Shade Weave Tassel Handbag


1.  It is fun, easy and exciting!  

Let the fun begin! Life is exciting why not your wardrobe be exciting too! Have a simple black  dress? Well, accessorize with a beautiful orange bag and shoes. Or accessorize with a beautiful necklace and make a statement. Summer is on it's way!  What about an awesome pair of sunglasses to let them know who is BOSS! WOW! You will feel beautiful and confident when you walk out the door. It’s exciting being a Fashionista. Extra bonus, your mood will be elevated too! Now, wasn’t that fun, easy and exciting? Website for handbags is





2.  Saves Time and Money!  

Standing in lines in the store or waiting in traffic is no fun and very stressful.  So, why not look in your closet and seek and you shall find a white dress you purchased last year. Wait a minute!  Wait a minute! Hold the front door!  Can I still fit it? Oh Yeah, Baby! Those extra jumping jacks and sit ups paid off! It fits like a charm! Oh, I forgot!  I need a handbag! Let me call Rhonda with Rhonda Lynn Fashions; and see if she has the Red Snake Dome Satchel Handbag I seen on  website. Yup! She has it in stock.  It’s affordable and she has free delivery in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs of Philadelphia. She is bringing it over now! That’s my Girl! Always, right on time! Extra bonus, the decision process for accessories is easier; and  they are inexpensive. Well, there you have it.  You saved time by not going to the mall,  your decision making process was easier and you did not have to be in traffic.  You saved money by not using gas to go to mall, nor where you distracted by shopping for other things in the mall which means more money in your pocket.       

Snake Dome Satchel



3.  Conversation starter! 

Whew, that beautiful pearl set I purchased from Rhonda Lynn Fashions is gorgeous and it really looked nice with my outfit!  I received so many compliments! I meet so many people today. All those compliments made me feel beautiful, wonderful, and confident. I have to tell Rhonda I want to become a consultant because I know I can sell the jewelry. I was blow away when she said it was only $5 for the set including necklace and earrings. It is nickel and lead free.  I didn’t have to chase anyone. They came to me and asked where did I purchase set. The jewelry was definitely a conversation starter. Website for jewelry is

4.  Be creative! 

Be free! Be unlimited!  Be creative! There are no limits to your possibilities.  Show your personality. Just be yourself and let your imagination and creativity skills have fun!  You can do it!  When you accessorize you are expressing yourself and taking your style to the next level. If you are a woman, you have clothes that you have not worn or forgot about, make your wardrobe pop with the right accessories!  You never know! If you post a picture on Facebook, it may go viral and you become an overnight success. Anything is possible. If you can believe it, you can achieve.  Don’t forget, call Rhonda Lynn Fashions if you need help!

5.  Creates a Different Look! 

 Like we said in point #4 be creative. If you have a lot of basics in your closet, let your accessories do its magic!  You can have the same outfit and the accessories can take you to 3 different occasions. Never fear Rhonda Lynn Fashions is here to assist with your styling necessities!

           Hello Fashionista!

"Accessories is an exclamation point to a woman’s outfit”   - Michael Kors



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