Vegan  Faux Leather 10 Reasons to Own It! Wear It! Rock It!

Vegan Faux Leather 10 Reasons to Own It! Wear It! Rock It!

Remember, back in the day, when an orange was an orange. An orange was big, plump; and would fill you as a snack. If you had the sniffles or a little cough your Mom would say, "Eat an orange!" and it would take care of it. How about when soda was a real soda, when you drank it, the bubbles would tickle your nose and you would have a hearty belch. Last but not least, you would not be caught dead with pleather shoes, jacket or handbag. It had to be genuine leather; and you would check the tag to make sure. You were living in style!
Funny, how time brings change. Now everyone is health conscious, eco-friendly, and on a budget. We are conscious about what we eat and where we spend our money. It's all good we should be!

I'm writing this blog post on the new trend Vegan Faux Leather. Vegan Faux Leather is synthetic. It can be produced from materials such as cork, bark cloth, glazed cotton, waxed cotton, paper, polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane. You can find an array of Vegan products such as food, makeup, accessories, upholstery, shoes, boots, clothes, seat covers, intimate apparel, handbags, and more. However, I will focus on 10 reasons why you want to own, wear and rock a Vegan Faux Leather Handbag.

1. It's cheaper to produce.
2. Affordable - are you on a budget?
3. Versatile - dress it up or down.
4. Eco-friendly - does not use loads of energy and chemicals to produce.
5. Cruelty free - no animals are killed for their skin.
6. Durable - can wear it everyday.
7. Water resistant - you can wear it in the rain or snow.
8. It can sparkle - Oh, we love to sparkle. Bling is my Thing!
9. It has a glossy sheen. Yeah, Baby!
10. Can be saturated in all kinds of shapes, shades and sizes.

To take care of your Vegan Faux leather handbag do as follows:

1. Soak a cloth or sponge in warm water, squeeze out excess water and wipe down your surface.
2. On tougher grime, use a bar of soap.
3. Wipe away any soap with a wet cloth.
4. Let the surface dry.

So, if you are on a budget, love looking and feeling good, love animals and the planet you live on, go ahead and click the BUY IT NOW BUTTON! I won't tell your husband, partner or significant other. Shhhhh, it's our secret! Visit and like my page at Rhonda Lynn Fashions or you can email me at

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